Good Souls

This is to all the Good Souls I love.

God said that all I am allowed to do is to pray for Good Souls. To all Good Souls, I am very sorry, God has spoken, and there is not a thing that anyone can do. If I go beyond what God has ordered, then God allows the attacks of the devil to hit me worse than usual. This is very bad because in God's own words, "great is the assault of maya," on me since I was a baby. [Note - In using the word "maya" - God was using the most accurate and ancient word for the metaphysical evil called, Satan.]

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that God asked me about whether or not this situation was ok. He did not give me a choice, it just began one day. I was given no instruction or warning. And I would never have accepted a system that gave any control to maya.

God does have the power to stop the attacks of the devil, however, so far God has not stopped the attacks. God did say that some very great saints are helping and protecting me, and I thank those saints.

And I thank God for allowing the saints to help me.